Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's on Your Dining Room Table?

Did you notice my new photo? i changed my veggie-happy-face to a more fitting bluebird nest. i was amazed at myself for remembering how to make the change and drop in one of my photos.

i just finished watching in my binoculars the ladderbacked woodpecker, who was feeding on the sunflower seed suet we hung out. our six feeders have kept lots of birds busy this week, with all the snow on the ground. yesterday the thistle feeder was practically emptied by a frenzy of about 10 or 12 goldfinches, all vying for the perches to enjoy their meal head-down. what a crazy way to eat. Blue jays, chickadees, juncos, song sparrows, titmouse, cardinals, cowbirds, redwing blackbirds, brewer blackbirds; what an absolute treat!

when i just laid the binoculars on the dining room table, i had to smile. it brought my thoughts back to about 30 years ago when i often visited an old uncle with whom most of the family just couldn't get along, but he and his wife and i somehow built up a great rapport. his binoculars were always on the dining room table. when you have birds in the backyard, a handy pair of binoculars are a must! but i had to smile at myself, cause also on the dining room table is my lead pencil and a copy of the daily crossword puzzle. now with uncle al, it was different: he was OLD. but how in the world did my dining room table get to look a little bit like his, i wonder? then i realized that i am now a mere 8 or 9 years younger than he was, when i regularly visited him. WHAT?? wait....WHA?

i wonder why the inside of me never notices or feels the change or progression of years? it's not that i mind being older; i actually enjoy many aspects of it. (that's another blog.) it just is sheer and honest amazement to me: that inside me i'm still me, but outside me i am a woman of age. that just tickles me!

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