Friday, March 6, 2009


well now! my third ever "by-line" appeared in today's newspaper! my letter to the editor was printed! isn't it funny how our own name is so well known to us, yet when you see it in print, it's as though you're meeting your self for the very first time; i wonder why it is so exciting? (or, quite possibly it isn't, unless you are an aspiring writer.) the editorial page gave me a big long headline too: "Special obligations may be what got us into this mess in the first place." then you get to the end of my letter, and there's my by-line, but what i didn't even notice, and my hubby pointed out to me: my name is misspelled. o well; i know who i am.

a thousand years ago i wrote to Parents magazine and they published whatever it was that i wrote--too long ago for me to remember what it was. (c'mon, give me a break; you don't remember things from a thousand years ago either.) and then--o MY, waaaay back in the 80's, i wrote a real genuine article and it sold to a magazine. they actually sent me a check and i was so thrilled! but then i waited and waited (and waited some more) to see it printed...but never did. as it happened, we were having dinner much later with friends and the editor of the magazine that purchased my article was also eating with us, so i mentioned that they still hadn't printed my article and he promised to check on it when he returned to the "left coast." he checked on it all right, but instead of having them print it, they returned it to me! well, phooey; THAT'S not what i wanted! but then the thought occurred to me that if it was good enough to be purchased once, perhaps it was good enough to be grabbed up by another magazine. so i sent it out again and it was bought and paid for a second time! and not only printed, but illustrated as well. how cool was THAT!

BTW, i was Soooooo tempted to purposely missspelll misspellings in my title. (tee hee)

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veronica said...

i would love to read the article.

i am always tempted to write things to the magazine editors about how i feel, but then that would require me to take some time away from my other enjoyments-- like reading your blog, so i'll refrain for now. :)