Monday, March 16, 2009

Surprise Visits = JOY

Two very nice surprise visits today: middle daughter (who has birthday tomorrow!), accompanied by "little sock feet" in the morning, and a lengthy, chatty visit with the world's best brother this afternoon. Two very nice ways to break up a cloudy grey laundry day! plus, i even managed to get in some grocery shopping...and, yes, finished the laundry too. what a woman!

my brother who lives 3,000 miles from me called just as i entered the grocery store so i told him i didn't need too much and would whip through and call him back in an hour. man, i FLEW thru those aisles! (am i the only one who wonders what people think when they see someone rushing, almost to the extent of running?) but i was home and cold-stuff in fridge and freezer and was on the sofa, kitty in lap, and my brother and i "visited" for about an hour via the "miracle" of cellular.

i JUST got added to my hubby's phone plan so we share minutes now. uh-oh! first day on family share plan and i spoke for an hour! i sure hope hubby's boss will understand when he has to turn off his phone and not take any more calls til april. oooops, sorry, boss! wifey used all our minutes for the month; ok if i catch ya next month? boss? BOSS??! HEY! just joshin'!

mixing fun visits with a productive day in the background equals a VERY fine day! hope your monday was filled with JOY as well.

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