Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aqaurium Visit

i "traveled" 3,000 miles a short time ago, and stopped in to the Monteray Bay Aquarium to check on the feeding of the penguins and the Outer Bay Exhibit feeding. i'm telling you! the world of webcams are truly, truly a JOY in our modern age! the neat thing about this one is that a couple years ago i DID actually visit this aquarium with my west coast family. so when i open up their various live webcams (they have a half dozen of them to view), it all looked so familiar, and just as i remembered it. the coolest ever!

their outer bay cam actually plays marvelous, relaxing music as you watch the plethora of sea life swimming by--truly a blood pressure-lowering experience. they narrated the different feedings also, so it was a learning experience. for instance, when they feed the sting rays, the rays come right to the surface (of the million gallon aquarium) and roll over on their backs. the workers actually place the food right on the rays' belly! and if you've ever seen the underside of the rays, with their little mouth and eyes, they really have a cute little face.

they also mentioned that the blue fin tunas (theirs are about 500 pounds, but they can get to three times that size out in the ocean), are the ones used for sushi. they said that a mere 400 pounder was recently caught and sold to the fish markets in Japan for (don't quote me, but i'm pretty sure they said) $1,500!!!! [i hate it when i want to--but can't--recall every little detail!!]

so, while this wasn't on my list of things to do today, i did enjoy my strolls through the aquarium and visited not only the outer bay tank, but listened in on and saw the otters being fed and also the penquins' feeding. a miracle of the same world-wide-web that ate up too much of my time yesterday, but gave me about a half hour of enjoyment and education today. check it out! you'll find yourself back home in no time and you can even keep their music on in the background while you get right back to the daily chores that ARE on the to-do list, guilt-free!

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