Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful Little Chapel

I thought it would be easier if i wrote out what i wanted to say, rather than depend on remembering it all on the spot. i sent a copy to my brother for his input before i "go public." it only takes a couple minutes for me to read it.

y'see, next tuesday afternoon, which i'm hoping to be more of a life celebration, rather than an afternoon of tears, the nursing home where my dear mother spent the last 8 years of her life, debilitated with alzheimer's, is having a service of remembrance...remembering those who passed away during the last 6 months of '08.

the strange thing is that FIFTY YEARS ago (OMG-osh!) my brother and i used to go with our youth group to hold services in this same chapel. then later, our mom also went regularly and she led services there. eventually we found ourselves, with mom in her wheelchair, going to services, again in that same chapel, but now led by others. and to bring it full cycle, i'll go next week to this same beautiful little chapel, to attend a service.... with mom looking down...not from the balcony, but Heaven itself.

a little hard to grasp....that simple paragraph encircles a half century. also hard to left us 5 months ago, but because of that heinous disease, she actually left us 12 years ago. our comfort is that mom is once again filled with JOY unspeakable for all eternity!

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