Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scheduled Outage

well, thanks to blogger for warning us that there will be a scheduled outage at 4 pm PDT today. as i look over at the windowsill in the nook, my little kitty-cat has already begun her scheduled outage--she's sleeping soundly, curled up in her little kitty-bed. the sun typically shines in on her in this spot, and she's patiently waiting. i don't have the heart to tell her that it's to be grey and rainy all day today.

so, i've decided to adopt that terminology: scheduled outage. if i want to take time out and read my latest book, i can just schedule an outage. or if i feel an increase in yawnings, i can schedule an outage and take a short nap. if i feel the need for fresh air, i can schedule an outage and sit in my swing in the backyard. if i really need a lift, or just want to express my JOY, i can schedule an outage and spend an hour or so, playing my new autoharp and singing old hymns, and yes! even Christmas carols! it matters not in the least, that this is March, going on April. the carols are just as enjoyable. sometimes i sing them on a hot summer day and it cools me off.

now, granted, since i am almost 15 months into my "new" retirement, EVERY DAY is a scheduled outage! but, hey; humor me. i have "to-do" lists most days, too, y'know. and it is always fun to transform a to-do list to a tah-dah list. but still...sometimes we all need a JOY refresher.

blogger states that it is for maintenance.... well, yes, i'll go along with that. my JOY benefits from periodic maintenance as well. good old fashioned singing, praying, reading my Bible, resting, laughing, chatting with kids 'n' kidlets, walking, hugging, crosswording, chrocheting; they are each forms of maintenance. so, join blogger and me in adding a scheduled outage to your to-do list today.

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