Monday, March 30, 2009

The Masters

the most difficult thing (I THINK!) about doing a painting, is deciding WHAT to paint! i was wonderfully treated yesterday to the exhibit at the art museum called "Cezanne and Beyond." (the beyond was that 18 additional painters were also part of mr paul's exhibit...several of whom i'd heard of and the others, not). it is always a thrill for me to go to art any city, really. there's something about looking at the works of the masters that stirs me up. it kinda nudges and gently wakens the creative part of my brain. then i get home and just, just, YES! i wanna PAINT! where's my canvas? where's my paints? where are my brushes?

we enjoyed the exhibit very much...altho the yukky part is putting on those same earphones that someone else just took off....eeeewww, gross! but i tried not to think about someone else's ear-germies because i really appreciate the audio tours. i learn so much. it was incredibly crowded, and like we commented: who knew so many people (of all ages) were that interested in cezanne?! it's neat that they are, tho. but it made it tricky to weave in and out of the crowds to get a full view of the paintings. sometimes i like to view them from the other side of the room, and other times i like to get "up close and personal" to see the brush strokes, the blendings of colors, the density of the paint on the canvas. i get a lot from both the close up inspection as well as the distant viewing.

just to gaze upon a master's work, does something to me! i've usually read about most of the artists before i go to see their works, so it takes me back in time when i look at the real life thing, and not just a print in an oversized art book. one thing is clear to me, at least in my humble opinion: the masters never had the problem each day of, hmmm...what shall i paint today? they just set out, or looked out, or went out...with their "bud" usually, and painted whatever. cezanne, for instance, painted many, many, many of the mountain that was in his view right out his window. sometimes the paintings looked alike and other times he took a different approach and it was a fresh view.

i have to admit tho, i have no mountain view out my window, as did cezanne; nor do i have the extravagant gardens that monet had, nor the available models that renoir it's a little trickier to find subject matter. as i turn now and look out my nook window, okay, no. all i see is the neighbor's empty trash can blowing down the street! that's too warhol-ish! it's also been a thousand years since i've done any plein aire painting. but i'm definitely being nudged. i can feel it. i'll let you know what i come up with. it'll likely be a still life. i've done the last couple in pastel, but i think i'll try one in acrylic for a change. plus, i know a couple other special people who might just get stirred up, and if I paint, maybe they will also paint. i know one who does really, really great watercolors, and another who did a beautiful triptych of a tree. (is triptych the word i want? close; i'm not sure.) nevertheless. sometimes creativity needs a little stirring. are you feeling it?

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JWD said...

I think you need to come to CA to get those inspiring views! Time to book your fiight! :D