Monday, March 30, 2009

Burnt Toast

it's truly amazing how much one can accomplish before seven-thirty a.m.! bless his heart, my dear hubby had the alarm set for 3 a.m., drank his coffee, packed his lunch, and was out the door for work before 4 a.m.! and...he is NOT a milkman! 3 and 4 should only be observed on one's clock in the P.M., NOT the a.m.!!! he's likely looking at a 14-hour day and i feel really badly for him. if only his company could get more organized. they had no work for him last thurs or friday, now all of a sudden they want him to do 2 days work in one. just doesn't seem right. with so many people out of work, we're very grateful he has work, but it sure would be nice if they could just even it out a tad for him.

i have the laundry finished and am still trying to get the wretched smell of burnt toast out of the house! i put a slice of bread in the toaster about, i don't know, 4:30, or so?? when it popped up it wasn't as dark as i like it, so i pressed the toaster down for another go-around. BUT! then i proceeded to move a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, which is only 8 ft away from the toaster, but glanced over and saw smoke pouring out the top of the toaster! o for pete's sake! NOW look what you've gone and done! i thought for sure the smoke alarm was going to sound, but i threw open several windows and turned on the ceiling fan. it stayed a bit hazy for a while, and now, 3 hours later, it still stinks! guess next time i'll stand right there and watch the durn thing!

on a brighter note, the sun is now up and tho quite windy, it looks to be a decent day. the forsythia is blooming, the birds are nesting, the farmers' fields have been plowed; daffodils and hyacinths are blooming and all is well. i believe i'll try finishing my book today. we started to track the books we've read. hubby has already completed 7 since january, and if i complete this one i'm working on before tomorrow, it will also be my 7th. also, in between the seven i've read, i'm also reading through the Bible again. i started in january and so far have read through 18 out of 66 books. i'm going through both the Old and New Testaments, so i'm now up to II Samuel in the Old, and Ephesians in the New. this will be my second time through the Amplified translation, which is my favorite. i forget what all the others were that i've read through: Living Bible, Revised Version, New King James, and a few others. the Amplified tho, remains my favorite. it is so clear and easier to understand.

well, guess i'll try my hand at another piece of toast. i promise to be more careful this time!


JWD said...

Yikes! You might also want to check the batteries in your smoke alarm to be sure it's working. Sounds like there might have been enough smoke that it should have gone off.

Just double check 'em for me, in case the burnt toast was actually a gift to let you know the batteries were low...

babluebird said...

thanks, jwd. i know. we are always good about changing the batteries every time we change the clocks for daylight savings 2x year. this time, we bought a whole pack of new batteries, and they're still in the pack about 4 ft away from me. it is on the list for this weekend. meanwhile, we'll test the ones that are in there.