Friday, March 6, 2009

well, i had a wonderful time with grandchild #4 (aka little-sock-feet) today. and at 3 1/2 he was just as fascinated by the live webcams as his nana! I'll attach the link here but i'm new at "attaching" so i can't promise where it might take you. little-sock-feet sat curled lovingly in my lap for a while checking out the penguins and otters and aquarium swimmers, of which the sharks and stingrays were his favorite. then we switched over to the African bush live web cam and sure enough, it was on a family of huge rhinoceros! his little eyes lit up, and mine did as well-- as they do EVERY time i look at the precious faces of any of my little kidlets.

after enjoying that together, we went outside to play for quite a while in what little snow was still left in a pile from the snowplow earlier this week. as i stood by enjoying his activity of kicking the snow, climbing the "mountain," and then stomping in the little puddles, it just warmed my heart watching this little one, thinking back to when my own were that size. ............sigh.....wasn't that just "yesterday?"

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cyen said...

+5 geek points for successful inclusion of link! And... +2 geek points for using bit.iy :)

Nice story too :)
Thanks for posting and sharing.