Friday, May 1, 2009

i started to blog about this earlier today but erased it all. i thought i would give "them" a chance to perhaps get home from work, see the damage and step up to the plate and do the right thing. and to be fair, perhaps they are not home from work yet...perhaps.

someone...and that's one of the problems, i don't know who, or i would be knocking on their door to have a chat.

they put all their plastic, glass and metal recycle items into the huge lidded-container that is meant for paper and cardboard only. obviously the paper truck could not take it. and obviously...if you could see the mess that is in our street...the metal-glass-plastic truck couldn't take it either because it is a lidded-container and they had no way of seeing that the grown, irresponsible adult to whom it belongs, loaded it with the wrong items. the wind blew over the container and all day long, the spilled contents of glass jars, plastic cans and metal has strewn all over the street, causing cars to have to circle around it.

ok...more later...the police just pulled up...and it wasn't even me who called them...even tho i wanted to!

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