Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Recently i began to receive (almost) daily emails from womanlinks (let's see if i can do this right:) and i enjoy its brevity and significance very much. today i had the opportunity to vote on "how important is prayer in your life?" NOT amazingly, the vote results posted 100% for "extremely important."

today as you know is on the calendar as National Day of Prayer. for as much difficulty as our country and others are in presently, my concern and suggestion is that one day is not nearly enough. i propose that every day at noon, even if it is just a simple, "God bless America and those who hate us," prayer. it is something we can all do no matter where we are, who we're with or what we're doing. the clock stikes noon, and prayers are raised. it sure can't hurt and it just may help.

one hundred years ago, in los angeles, california, there was a great Pentacostal revival on Azusa street. With all the hate and hurting going on today, all over the world, it is my thought that we could well do with another revival! God is so patient with us, but i picture Him just kinda shaking His head these days, not believing just how bad some people can get. the beginning of the third chapter of second timothy, in the New Testament, sounds like the front page of "anytown, usa" newspaper. may God have mercy on us!

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