Monday, May 4, 2009

Little of this, little of that

i know i probably should be ashamed of myself, but, er, well, i was just trying to do a good thing....namely, finish up a lot of little leftovers and dribs and drabs of this 'n' that. if my kids or grandkids ever ate the way i sometimes eat, i'd have a ka-niption. so don't tell them!

there was a smidgeon of leftover chicken curry from chinese-take-out, but i was still hungry. ok then, i found a small amount of pomegranate swirl frozen yogurt which was begging to be finished. but then there was that little bit of, seriously, nothing-but-crumbs really, in the bottom of the bag of 2 week old potato chips. but even tho i was then full, i was thirsty (and chilly on this crazy cool wet rainy day) so i just topped it all off with some sugar-free hot cocoa! aw, c'mon; i had it with OUT the coolwhip! and i'm feeling fine, really.

i must've ate crazy as a kid too cause my mother always told me when i was growing up that i had a stomach of iron. well, she also always told me (just cause i'd always have my feet propped up higher than my head when i lay on the couch) that my kids would all be born standing on their head; but that was not true. mom--she was quite the joker. she had a lot of lines--some of which i find myself using from time to time and have to look around real quick to see, "Who said that?!"

so, the good news is that a lot of the little leftovers and bags are now out of the fridge and cupboard and the trash needs emptying now. and i'm full. and i'm feeling fine. no big deal, really. so, no. i'm not ashamed. everyone eats crazy combination meals like that, right? be honest. even my good lunches are a little on the crazy side--my favorite being frozen peas and pina colada-yogurt. so no. i would not feed my kids and grandkids like i eat. but they'll never know if you don't squeal on me.

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"if you don't squeal on me" - Ahem!