Saturday, May 9, 2009

Joy Robbers

I don't blame the animal. i blame the owners. we have a neighbor with a dog, who, if not pure bred, certainly looks a lot like a pit bull. i will never understand WHY, people with kids own a pit bull! i used to work with 2 women who thought it was cute the way their grand-BABY played with their pit bull dogs! i also used to work with a beautiful young woman who's very own pet chow ripped into her thigh and face, scarring her for life. (it had actually unprovokingly attacked her 4 year old nephew and she was trying to get the child away from the dog--her "pet!" when it turned on her.)

the dog across the street from us is fenced up 99% of the time, thank God. but it barks....and barks...and barks, non-stop, incessantly, continuously (and all the other alike-adverbs you can fill in here)! we try to be patient. we try to be tolerant. we try to leave our front door open to get the lush spring breeze, but the peace is completely challenged by this dog.

if i live to be a hundred--which i definitely plan on doing---i will never understand why some people are so out of tune with what might be objectionable to those who live near them. the on-going barking simply just robs my JOY. the owners' ignorance certainly robs my JOY as well. there are a lot of things in this life we apparently just need to put up with, but it just seems so unfair. when my children were young i used to respond to that by saying that, "Not all things in life are going to be fair." i guess, just as i expected them to just "deal with" the world's unfairness, i have no alternative either.

but it's soooooooooo hard. (now for something i almost NEVER say, let alone yell)... SHUT UP!!!

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