Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not easy being green

"How do I [waste] thee, let me count the ways..."
i am typically a very "green" person. no, NOT green with envy. green in the newer sense of the word that we're all so conscious of these days: energy efficient and not wasteful. well, i DO hope the "green gods" are not horribly angry with me today cause i really flubbed up and the day is only half over. i have already wasted several things and i'm not filled with JOY about any of that.

i decided on the extra 40 winks this morning and slept a couple hours longer than i should have (and have been paying the price ever since)! after showering i knew i had to dash out of the house to make it in time to get my haircut. so my first waste was of time. after the hair was cut she asked if i wanted "a little mousse," (which i never get, but) caught off guard i said yes. well when i paid for the haircut, surprise! that little less-than-golf-ball-size dab of mousse cost an extra DOLLAR! so, added to my waste of time was now wasted money.

i left there and stopped in the fancy grocery store right next door and felt good that i was saving gas by not driving to a different store for the bananas i wanted...but, oh MAN! following that thought i completely canceled out that savings because it was then that i recalled there were two other errands in that area i had planned on, but both needed paper work (which of course in my earlier haste i forgot, and now had to waste gas in going back home for them and start out on the same exact route)! by now my wastes have summed up to time, money, gas and more time.

i also hadn't eaten or had coffee yet but in the interest of not wasting more time and money i didn't want to stop for anything; so home i go. gather up all the paperwork for my next trek out, and yet i really need to eat and put on coffee. but, now my meals are out of synch: it is completely beyond breakfast and a while before lunch so i come up with the brilliant idea of making waffles. perfect!

i opened up a box of something i hadn't tried before and mixed up some multi-grain with flax seed pancake waffle mix. i put on a pot of coffee while i waited for the waffle iron to heat up, but when i got ready to add the batter to the waffle iron it had hardened to near-rock consistency. i mixed in more water, poured it in and wasted more time while i waited to eat the meal i would now consider as blunch. standing waiting for my waffle, i casually brushed my hand through my moussed hair and found it to be spiked and stiff as a board! what was i thinking when i said yes to mousse? never again! i could've gotten the same results by smoothing in some of this multi-flax-mess!

waffle iron indicated my blunch is ready. OK! now i'll be able to get back on track. but wait...what's this? i can't get the stupid lid open! o GREAT! i took the plug out and yanked the thing open and found half my waffle (good and) stuck to the top, and the other half good 'n' stuck to the bottom, with a gooey, mousse-like-flax-y mixture-mess steaming wet in the middle!

so now the sum of my wastefulness also includes waffle mix, oil, water, electricity, (and if i had followed directions, an egg). i hate wasting things, but look at all i've stacked up so far and it wasn't quite noon! i feel guilty, i feel wasteful, and i feel hungry! so much for my "green-ness." today i feel more like a mean, green, waste-machine. i can't write any more right now. i need to go and find food---and my JOY!

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