Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Sport / Bad Timing

always at this time of year, i can't help thinking of a man i worked for over 40 years ago. i gave him SUCH a hard time on april fool's day, and he took it all quite in stride--when he could've very easily gotten angry. i tantalized him with tricks all morning long. mostly simple things, but the worst of which was when i told him there was an assignment in the lobby for a portrait to be taken. (he was the company photographer.) after this good soul rounded up all his photography equipment....this was LONG before the age of digitals!!!...and headed downstairs, with cameras swinging from his shoulder, back-screens in tow, lights on tripods and extra film plates under his arms and balanced precariously in both hands...i called the receptionist and asked to speak with him. "April Fool." he had every right to fire me on the spot!

but instead, dear man that he was, with a mission only to get even, he told me he was going to the sandwich shop to bring lunch back to the office and did i want something too? as we later sat across from each other eating our yummy sandwiches, he asked how mine tasted. oh, it's delicious, i said. he asked me the same question in a few different ways, and each time i assured him how much i was really enjoying it and how that place makes such great sandwiches. is it HOT? he finally asked, a tad impatient. no, not at all. he then admitted that he was trying to get even with me and had the deli load up my sandwich with lots of hot peppers. OH, i said; i LOVE hot peppers! no wonder this tastes sooooooo good. thank you!

in keeping with my typical m.o. of bad-timing, i had also chosen that same day (not at all thinking of it being april 1 when i wrote it)... gave him at the close of the work day, my letter of resignation, with two-week notice. we had bought a little house in another state and would be moving soon. NATURALLeeee, he thought my letter was all part of my day's worth of tricks and he didn't believe me. he was such a good man to have put up with my trickery, and if it helps make amends at all, i think of dwayne and his lovely wife and 3 children, this time every year since. we lost track several years later, but i'm not sure i've ever met such a good sport.

Happy April Fool's day, dwayne, wherever you are!

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veronica said...

i rather enjoyed that post.

my daughter woke up this morning saying she wanted to switch the cereal bags in the boxes to fool daddy.

i didn't get to see the trick she pulled him, as he was bathing and it was time for me to leave with our son, but i told her to tell me if he fell for it when i go get her.

she had the biggest smile on her face. i'm sure he played along just fine.

happy fools day!