Friday, April 24, 2009

Un-welcome guests!

I have blogged enough about birds that it is rather obvious that i really love 'em. but! more often than not, come this time of year, i'm not so crazy about their persistence in wanting to build a nest and raise their families in the outdoor vent from my dryer! they have been known to stuff (and i mean STUFF) it full with all kinds of paraphenalia...which is not so cute when you consider the possible fire hazard that this causes.

so we get very creative this time of year to try to come up with new and innovative ideas to spook 'em so they don't take up residence where they are not welcome. so far, everything we have tried works only for a short while until the little bird-brains catch on that it's no big deal and they become even more creative and work around our methods of determent.

we have planted lots of trees and eventually they do get the idea. last year, in the one tree alone, we discovered about 5 different nests! now THAT's what i'm talkin' 'bout! but they still insist on checking out the "property" without a For Rent sign (namely the vent)!

well, since they are still fluttering about the dryer vent so far this year, i have to admit i'm getting a little weary of every few minutes pounding on the window, then darting out the front door, waving arms, clapping hands, and yelling and stamping my foot. the neighbors i'm sure have determined that i've finally (completely) flipped out this time....for certain! so now, my latest ingenious idea is to hang a set of wind chimes. i even was thrilled to find a real pretty one with a shiny hummingbird on it, and it was on SALE half-price, which made me even happier!

we shall see how successful this will be. i have a feeling (and hope they prove me wrong) that they will swoop in, then HALT....whoa....what th'?...HEY! who put that thing there? as they rest momentarily in the arborvitae and size up the hangy-thing near where they wanted to build. then: oooh, what a loverly little tinkling-sound it makes; that should do well as a lullaby for my li'l babes. this really IS the perfect spot for our new nest! i love it! not only will we live here this year, i'm definitely coming back next year too, and i'm going to let all my feathered friends know about this location, location, location.

HEY! GET OUTTA HERE! G'WON, GIT! (clap, clap, stomp, stomp, stomp!) SHOO!

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cyen said...

Nice blog post - made me smile :)