Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Walk a mile in another man's know the saying. well, this afternoon my mantra was: walk 3 minutes in a pair of my own shoes and if they hurt my feet before 3 minutes is up, GIVE THEM AWAY or throw them away! (some didn't last even 1 minute!)

i am completely embarrassed and ashamed to admit the total number of shoes that were in the bottom of my closet (so i won't)! no one person should EVER own that many shoes!

to my credit (maybe, maybe not) some of them i've had for the past 25 years. others looked as though they've never been worn. i threw away 6 badly worn out pair and have 27 pair in very good/excellent condition to give to the group that collects in our neighborhood. even that still leaves me with an assortment of comfortable flats and heels in varying colors to see me through any and all future activities.

now that i'm no longer in the business world, i see no reason to EVER buy another pair of shoes, and the good news is that (1) there's a lot more room in my closet; and (2) it's good that i can share with someone who sadly, may not own even ONE pair.

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