Thursday, December 4, 2008


Is it me, or does it seem like ages ago that we celebrated Thanksgiving? i had a busy morning today, with another transition of seasons. i cleaned out my flower garden, even tho some of the heartier chrysanthemums are still showing color. i rubbed off all the dried marigold seeds right into the soil for their winter's rest. i collected more zinnia seeds from the dried flower pods, and am amazed to see that my dianthus is still very green and putting forth buds! we should rename our dianthus; diehard! after taking out all the dried marigold stems, i added them to my compost pile. i plan on doubling the size of my veggie garden for next year. so, that was one transition, as i officially closed out the growing season.

i then opened the next season, and strung outdoor Christmas lights on our 3 arborvitae out front. And, back indoors now, our home is filled with the welcoming aroma of homemade turkey soup simmering on my stove. it's hard to beat the smell of simmering soup! so now i will think about decorating the inside of our home for Christmas. and so...season to to holiday...the times between spent JOY-fully transitioning.

oh! and last night's new recipe was yummy: meatball stroganoff. i used lowfat milk and light sour cream, so it was healthier than the richness of typical stroganoffs. tonight, to go with the soup, i will make homemade drop biscuits--mainly because i hated the thoughts of paying almost $4 for a loaf of fresh bread! someday i will try my hand at baking my own bread. but--- not today.

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