Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IN-door Transition

Hmmm; it's been two weeks since I posted on my blog. a combination i guess of my mom's death, my favorite parakeet's death, not feeling like i had any profound thoughts to record, and trying to jump-start my transition from outdoor activities to indoor activities, now that the warm weather is gone. No more planting, watering the garden, weeding, relaxing with a book on my swing, photographing flowers and insects, or planning a lazy day at the beach. Now all the things that were put on hold, while i enjoyed doing those just mentioned, are staring me in the face each day: sorting papers and filing, shredding old papers, dusting knick-knacks, washing windows, cleaning out closets.

one thing that the colder months do prompt me on is trying new recipes. i miss having my fresh garden veggies to pick, but i "pick" instead through my many cookbooks, for interesting and yummy-sounding recipes. they're not all winners, but most of them we really enjoy. matter of fact, tonight i will be making a seafood bisque. last week i made a tortellini vegetable soup that was especially tasty. i like to make one soup a week, plus one other new recipe--two new dinners a week make eating more exciting. next week i will make a new england clam chowder, and then i want to make a cheesy potato soup that sounds good.

not only have i been pouring over my cookbooks for new recipes, i've also been reading a lot, all non-fiction, my favorite. i started to keep a spreadsheet several months ago listing the books i'd read. i expect to finish a book this afternoon, which will make #23 on my list, since january. that's a little better than 2 books a month--definitely one of the blessings of re-LIFE-ment! i got a new book in the mail yesterday (God Speaks to Women in the Bible), expect another today (Gov. Huckabee's new release), and have 2 more on order (both on the Hebrew language).

so my cold-weather afternoons should be relaxing and informative! a good book, an afghan (with a warm, purring cat on top), soft music and a cup of tea make for THEE PERFECT afternoon! Not to mention: it is the proverbial "carrot on the stick in front of me" to encourage my doing those closet cleanings, dusting knick-knacks, sorting, shredding, filing things all morning, so as to have my afternoons free for the REALLY fun things! so, off i go!

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