Thursday, June 4, 2009


I wonder how many people are "in love" with the zoom feature of their camera? i KNOW i'm not the only one! but i sure give mine a workout. i'm fascinated with textures and closeups. my previous blog attests to that, with the raindrops on petals....but it goes much further than that. in fact, i'm beginning to think that my eyeballs have a zoom lens, as a "built-in feature." for instance, yesterday i took a package of meat from the freezer to defrost for dinner and i was utterly and completely fascinated by the frost design on the plastic wrap. so yes! out came the camera and a few zoom shots later, i have a terrific couple of photos! No, no, no; that is not what this photo shows. that was just a teaser and i'll share that photo with you later. (which is a creative way of saying that i forget how to download just 1 or 2 photos.)

the photo i include above is one i took recently when i started to cook dinner one evening. i put water on to boil and added a little olive oil and immediately was struck with the beauty of lighting and bubble formations. i keep my camera always handy and hovered over my stove to get a few shots. typically when a woman says she slaves over a hot stove, it is not with a camera; but, then again, i've never really been a typical woman.

in fact, yesterday i tweeted about my ATYPICAL behavior, in that i spent all day shopping and didn't like that idea at all. it gave me pause to wonder if a handful of alpha male genes somehow got tossed into my mix! but then my son actually hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that the only time i really like shopping is when i (a) find exactly what i went for; and (b) find it on sale. that pretty much sums it up. otherwise, it is a feeling of: "git-in-n-git out."

i never could understand when i'd hear women say that they love shopping, or love to shop til they drop. in fact, years ago i met a woman who suggested we go shopping together. well, it was the first and last time i ever agreed to such a torturous pastime. what the heck was i thinking?! to me, it is pretty much a waste of time, money and gas. i go when i need to go and get what i need to get and then i need to get home. and WHAT that has to do with zoom lens and textures, i have NO IDEA, but i threw it in any way! bottom line: i can hardly wait to share with you my photo of the frost! i wonder what (photos) tonight's dinner will bring? could this be what they call creative cooking?

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