Monday, June 8, 2009

By the Dawn's Early Light

The moral of the story, bottom-line, is: 4:30 beats 7:30 ANY day! now i don't usually begin with the bottom line, but upside-down is pretty much how my monday started today, so it does seem appropriate.

hubby's work hours were changed---that's just part of the incredible "power" bosses of the world actually have over our own little world. the change took a while to get used to, and quite possibly i only got used to it because it occurred, not in the middle of a cold, dark winter, when it's next to impossible to pull that quilt or comforter away from your face and take your feet from their warm cozy place and introduce them to the cold reality of morning. but the change occurred when the early morning is truly the best part of the day. not only is the sun not even up yet, it certainly is not at all hot, humid and sticky yet. the late spring and summer demonstrate (for the mere taking) their very best they have to offer, in the very early hours of the day. and so! we used to believe that the 4's on our clocks only pertained to the p.m. indicator, when it turns out they also have an a.m. appearance.

even tho hubby feels badly and doesn't like that his hours are affecting my hours, i personally have always felt that if a hubby gets up to leave for work, while the wifey stays inside the door to wave to him, it is the LEAST she can do, to show her appreciation, is to BE there to wave. (what's right for you is fine, but this is my blog and that's how i feel about it.) {:D

last week this time, i was already finished the week's laundry, and weekly grocery shopping. today i went back to sleep and admittedly was NOT at the door to wave hubby off! and it's thrown off my whole day's plans. i got out of bed at 7:44 and have been playing catch-up ever since! what an ungodly hour! i know; i'm being facetious, but any time that i do not get up before dawn, i am all the more convinced that i've started off on the wrong foot.

plus, the early to bed, early to rise, has an aside bonus! it makes me feel like a kid again. wait--WHAT?! what does THAT have to do with anything? well, when i was a kid, i remember being sent to bed while it was still daylight--in some cases, while the sun was not yet set. and, that's what we do now. if the alarm is set for 4, we are climbing "the golden staircase" by about 8:30. (granted, the cat and the birds haven't caught on to the whole idea yet, when we cover the bird cages and announce to the cat: bedtime for bozos. but they have always been good about not complaining.) so, when i climb into bed before sunset, invariably in my mind's eye, i'm 10 years old again and am climbing up the ladder into my upper bunk as i hear the city noises out my window. so it's never a bad thing when you do something and it makes you feel like a ten year old once again. there is great JOY in that feeling! (if you want, i'll give you a wake-up call tomorrow at about 4:30 a.m.)

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