Monday, June 22, 2009

New Exercise Program

I just KNEW i shouldn't have done it! i KNEW when i DID it, it was asking for trouble...and sure enough! i no sooner opened all the windows and BAM! it's now raining again and i had to run around, and up and down, and RE-close them...AGAIN! that has been our exercise program for the past four weeks! go up the stairs and open all the windows. come down, sit for a minute, then JUMP up and RUN up the stairs and CLOSE them all again! we are now entering our FIFTH straight week of on again, off again rain, rain, rain, interspersed with clouds and dark skies, and yep: more rain.

i will hand it to the weather predictors however; they have become extremely creative in coming up with lots of terms lately: showers, downpours, thunderstorms, intermittent rain, occasional showers, isolated storms, spotty storms, etc, etc.....all equal to the same thing: RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN! they do get an A+ for creative writing skills though.

seattle, on the other hand, which is where we FEEL like we live lately, has had record DRY weather! go figger! i tweeted this morning that perhaps our globe has had a "slip 'n' fall!" it's crazy, i tell you!

we got our hopes up this morning when this blinding--really, i kid you not; it hurt my eyes--brighter than bright light rolled into the living room as i drew open the blinds! i shielded my eyes from this strange and foreign sight and instinctively (almost) quickly closed the blinds again before it damaged my eyesight! ohhhh, but then i remembered: that bright light is called the sun! now i get it. oh, but wait! NO! i DON'T get's gone again. well, at least it's only grey again. open the windows and let some air in. oh, WAIT! no, quick, RUN! SHUT THE WINDOWS! IT'S RAINING OUT!

between drops i put on my boots and run out to check my swamp...i mean, my vegetable garden. i used to joke a couple weeks ago that the puddles in my garden were larger than my zucchini leaves. but, seriously, i realize now, after all this time, and all this mud, and all these puddles, there is no WAY i will gather a great harvest! and THAT makes me sad.

if i project my little 128 square feet of soggy plants sitting in mud puddles, i can only IMAGINE what a REAL farmer is feeling, in the way of sadness right now. at least monetarily, my sadness won't bring me tremendous loss. for those who depend on farming as a living, they must be feeling something well beyond sadness about this neck o' the woods anyway. so my heart goes out to them. and of course, one of the by-products too: mosquitos galore! i waded into the back yard a little while ago and was immediately attacked and came in with bites, whereas normally (i vaguely recall what normal is anyway), we never have a mosquito problem.

i'm convinced too, that the weather people are beginning to fear for their life. i notice now that they put up icons of the sun instead of "telling it like it REALLY is!" or, perhaps they are not trying to deceive us; they are just letting us know what that yellow ball in the sky looks like, in days of yore. to keep them honest tho, they splash maybe 3 strokes of rain across the yellow ball icon, and a cute little grey cloud blocking a corner of that thing called sun. but, HEY! FORECASTERS! LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW; it's RAINING!!!!!

if i search for any JOY in all this soggy-bottom mess, it is that my water bill will be far less than the typical summer water bill, since i have only watered my garden ONCE....WAY BACK when i first planted it about 6 weeks ago. on the other hand, the upstairs window is leaking, so what i save on water i may have to pay for in repair. o where o where is my JOY, glub, glub, blub, blu, bl.....

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Deb said...

We are having the same rainy weather and it just doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon :( My gardens aren't under water but the soil is cold and damp and my entire potatoe crop rotted in the ground. If that's the worst that happens, I won't complain.

I hope the sun shines for you soon - thanks so much for visiting our blog. I hope you stop by often :)