Thursday, October 16, 2008


SUCH JOY! Wonderful, spectacular days in California with family! we visited a couple lighthouses (Point Reyes and Pigeon Point); took a ferry to Alcatraz (lighthouse & prison audio tour)with our grandson; chapel service at ABSW; 9-holes of golf on the most beautiful golf course i've ever seen; saw many sights, many animals & marine life; had many yummy dinners, lunches and breakfasts with family--and now, missing west coast family all the more, but happy to have briefly shared in "their world."

the weather out there was perfect every day! I took a gazillion photos, including several shots of things not very many people think worthy of photographing, but i found very interesting: close-ups of the colors and textures of rocks & grasses, floor patterns of different tiles in old dining room of alcatraz, looking through old dirty window in warden's office, and the ocean as seen through old lighthouse window, for example. I have one shot that looks exactly like a Wyeth watercolor: an old dirty window, with an old dirty raincoat hanging on a nail hook next to the window. perhaps i will make my own painting of this shot.

the colors of the landscape and pacific ocean and rocks were just magnificent! i told my daughter as we rode along the coastline that i felt like i was living inside a calendar: each turn in the road exposed a new view, even more outstanding than the previous, as if someone had turned the page of a scenic calendar. it was definitely a MOST en-JOY-able vacation for us!

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JWD said...

We sure had a great time with you, too! And now, even though for a sad reason, I'm glad I can see you again so soon.