Friday, October 10, 2008


We are SO EXCITED!! tomorrow morning we leave for California to visit daughter dear, her wonderful hubby and their marvelous son--our first-born grandson! Crazy flights these days mean that non-stop flights are hard to come by, so the majority of our day will be spent traveling. The good news is tho, that by heading west, we at least gain time and will get there earlier than it seems possible. I often tell my daughter how fortunate they are to be living "out there" where they are blessed with "27 hours a day" instead of our east coast measly 24 hr days! {:^D

i am all packed and ready to go. i suggested to my hubby that we leave NOW and spend the night in the airport, but he wasn't so sure that was a good idea. this will be very exciting too, since i usually have gone to California solo, and this time we will be going together. we have a lot planned for the short time we'll be there, but we are excited nonetheless.

i LOVE flying!!! i was 54 when i took my first flight, but i've been hooked ever since. i usually arrive at my destination with a stiff neck, which comes from staring out the window for hours at a time. i LOVE to look down on the fascinating cloud formations and the layout of the land far, far below. The colors and patterns are always interesting. It's as if i am viewing God's very own palette and i find it SO very interesting. i never tire of seeing it from such a different and glorious angle.

i take lots of activities to keep me busy on the long flights, but usually my book, crossword puzzle, my Bible, my crocheting are each barely started, because the majority of time i am staring at the wonders out my little window. it is a true JOY to be enJOYing a vacation with my loving husband and wonderful "left coast" family! happy travels!

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JWD said...

We're sure looking forward to your arrival, Ma! It's a bee-yoo-tiful day here, just waitin' for you.