Wednesday, October 8, 2008

African Safari

Okay, i admit it: i have an addiction. i spent yesterday GLUED to my computer screen watching a live web-cam set up in Botswana, Africa, panning back and forth over a large pond area, filming all the wild animals and birds who happened by for a cool drink or snack. such a thrill, i cannot even describe! this morning i TOLD myself i wouldn't even open the link (if you want it, email me and i'll share it) but then i thought, what's the HARM if i just watch it while i have my toast and coffee?

honestly now, have you EVER enjoyed cinnamon toast while watching a small herd of elephants play in a pond on the other side of the world? i mean, c'mon! i got excited last week over praying mantis egg cases, but this is INCREDIBLY BIGGER! the elephants in this group (only 7 of them this morning, whereas yesterday a herd of 23 came by!) all sizes, from nursing (yes!) baby up to bull, and every size between. splashing, spraying, drinking (ewww..muddy water?!), and rolling! i was laughing out loud! what fun to watch; how AMAZING to watch! what a PRIVILEGE to see!

there was also a momma boar with a young one, drinking and rolling in the mud, a sunning crocodile (alligator??), two large turtles, wildabeast, heron, kingfisher, type of guinea hen, antelope, and a type of gull. the most exciting to me tho, was one of my favorite animals: the elephant. i took almost 80 photos on my safari, since i learned how to take a screen-shot of what the web-cam was showing.

i knew i had an addiction when, just after midnight, after listening to an hour of comments following the pres-debate, i ACTUALLY CONSIDERED tip-toeing downstairs to turn on the computer to see what was going on in Botswana!! they're 6 hours ahead of EST, so i thought the early morning "crowd" might be at the pond for a drink of muddy water to start their day. (Botswana web-cam support group, here i come! HELP! help!!!) fortunately i fell asleep before the temptation developed too strongly. but, ya-GOTTA love the folks who came up with such an idea; it opens the world to me! o what JOY!

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