Wednesday, September 24, 2008

there's a first for everything

my o my; this is a first for me! my very own blog. i almost always have something to say, just have never really "put it out there." i chose JOY because it's what i feel deep inside, and it's what i see (most) days. after choosing it, it reminded me of my early childhood days in church and sunday school where we were taught that joy stood for: Jesus, Others, You. haven't thought about that acronym for years, but it's a pretty good layout to start my blogging. if you're here, welcome. i'll be in touch.

( cool is this! my very own blog!)


JWD said...

Hey Ma! Welcome! I always thought you'd be a terrific blogger. :)

Who knows, maybe you'll motivate me to get back to it, too.


babluebird said...

thanks jwd! feels good so far. :^D