Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hmmm...seems strange to me that the criteria for hospice does not include two of the things that i myself cherish and hang onto as extremely dear: mom's singing and smiling! i mentioned in today's caregiver meeting that one time mom sang with a hymn and the hospice rep quick held her ears and commented that she "didn't hear that." (so i didn't dare tell her that at mom's BD party on saturday, after we had twice sung happy birthday to her, real soft, long afterwards--if i hadn't been right next to her i'd have never heard it--very softly she sang the last line: "happy birthday to you.") when i visit with mom i enjoy MOST that i can say something to make her laugh or smile, but listed on the hospice criteria checklist is "loss of ability to smile." even tho mom's doc told us that mom "may die within 6 months, based on [his] experience" if smiling and singing are reasons to "get kicked out of hospice" then i say, maybe mom's gonna enter Heaven's gates WITH a song and a smile!

That said, something sure made ME smile yesterday! while i was outside doing my pastel painting, just INCHES from my hand, as i held my drawing board, a humming bird came to the zinnia flower!! i could've touched him, he was that close. How exciting and thrilling is THAT!

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