Friday, September 26, 2008

Tea & Scones

Mmm, I wish you could smell the apple cinnamon scones baking in my oven right now! I have tea ready, c'mon over!

The very first time i ever heard of scones was when my daughter baked homemade scones and brought them over. i had no idea what they were, but enjoyed them immensely. they have become a standard treat any time i've been away for a business conference. my breakfast every morning during those conferences always meant i headed straight for whatever coffee shop the hotel had and bought (at least one) scone and flavored coffee! since i am now "re-lifed" and have no more business conferences on my agenda, i couldn't resist buying a mix on our recent visit to a neat store in cape may called love the cook. i still have the bag that they put my mix in--what IS IT about my saving bags?! Big, little, in-between, paper, plastic, fancy, plain; i show no partiality. ever since buying all the "green" (re-usable) bags from every store i ever frequent (as well as those i don't frequent but went to once!), my supply of bags has decreased exponentially. (i LOVE that word!)

yesterday was the first i got out my teapot and cozy! all summer i've enjoyed using my iced tea maker, but it must be the official sign that the season is changing. i've now made the switch to hot tea, book, quiet music, & afghan with cat-in-the-lap. add a fresh baked scone to the picture and you've painted a picture of a little heaven on earth.

speaking of music, mine was anything BUT quiet this morning. whenever i need a jump or kick-start on cleaning, i just BLAST buddy holly, sing to the top of my lungs and go, GO, GOOO! it even gets the parakeets all stirred up and they chirp away! i love it! the story of buddy holly was the ALL TIME favorite play i ever saw in all my years of sitting in the front row center of the walnut street theatre!

it is time for an apple-cinnamon scone and another cup o' tea. i'll save you one, kay?

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