Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True to Word

He did it; seafood manager Chuck was true to his word! i made the second trip back to the grocery store on monday and was pleased with what i saw. there was a whole freezer case filled with good looking catfish fillets! mr chuck was standing nearby speaking with another employee, so i excused myself for interrupting their conversation, and thanked him kindly for ordering the fish and wished him a great day.

i picked up a few other things while there, chatted and joked with the courteous checkout woman and left the store. i put my "green" grocery bag in the car and went BACK into the store. i waited while the people ahead of me in line at the customer service counter finished, then said to the woman behind the counter, "I'm sure you get your share of complaints." to which i'm sure she must've thought, o boy, here we go again....NOW what! "BUT," i continued, "I'm not here to complain. i'm here to give compliments." i proceeded to tell her that i appreciated that seafood manager chuck did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it, and that doesn't always happen in stores anymore, so i wanted to draw attention to it with my words of appreciation. i also told her that every checker i get has always been most pleasant and cheerful, and that it was worth my while to avoid my usual grocery store only 2 miles from my home, go 4 miles to their store, just because it is a more pleasant experience.

she smiled from ear to ear! plus, about a quarter of the way in to my compliments, she had yelled for another person to come over. "Come here, come here! we have COMPLIMENTS; we have COMPLIMENTS! we don't hear many of them, come here!" and that person too, was grateful to hear what i was saying. when i left the store, they were both smiling huge warm smiles--and so was i. it felt good to share the JOY.

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