Friday, January 9, 2009


My hubby and i used to joke and laugh about a sign that was posted at the little strip-mall a couple miles from home that announced: "Come in and meet your new laundromat manager."

We never did. and now i don't see the sign anymore; perhaps s/he is no longer new enough to meet. i feel somehow that i've let them down.

while grocery shopping today i actually did meet a manager--Chuck, the seafood manager. (i wonder if the laundromat manager also wears a clean, white, starched doctor's looking coat like Chuck wore, with his nametag. if ANY one should, it should be a laundromat manager, as a way of speechless advertisement of how great the washing machines work!) Chuck was very helpful. he agreed with me that the 2 bags of frozen catfish fillets just didn't look right. the fillets showing on the front of the bag looked fresh, good color. but when you turn over the bag and look at the ones underneath, they were NOT a good color, and looked all freezer-burned. he took them away (and HOPEFULLY did not return them to the case after i left), and told me he will order more for monday. the store is only about 4 miles away, and while i'm not thrilled to make a second trip, i do plan to return monday, in hopes that, now that i've met my seafood manager, he will have done what he said he would. time will tell.

today i am celebrating my ONE YEAR RELIFEMENT! TRUE JOY! since the past year has been one without me having to answer on a daily basis to managers, some of whom were quite unreasonable, it's so nice to meet a manager that responds to me, rather than vice versa.

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cyen said...

Great Post! Love the idea that all laundromat managers should wear a white coat :)