Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scary Sounds! RUN, cat, run!

my faithful cat and i BOTH had a terrible scare about a half hour ago. she heard it first (big surprise!...i was busy singing), then when i saw her staring at the wall, alarmed-like, her cat-eyes bigger than usual, then i heard it too! it was that old familiar (once you hear it, you never mistake it) sound of a squirrel chewing through the wall!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!! what th'!!! WHERE'S THAT COMING FROM????? sure enough, the adjoining wall between my neighbor and us. holy MACKERAL. that is one deTERmined animal. he sounds frantic! i'm running up and down the stairs to put my "good" ear against my wall, trying to locate it. nope, not as loud in my bedroom, back downstairs. on the landing, yes. coat closet, yep, right in the same area. MAN! the way he's chewin' he'll be through here in NO time! OMG-osh! what shall i DO??!! i pound on the wall several times, trying to scare it away but the gnawing continues. i go outside to see if it's trying to chew through the front of the house. nothing. no cars in the neighbor's driveway, so i can't ask them to check in their house. back inside, gnawing continues. i'm starting to shake, and my cat is now hiding...she scares quite easily, and was already quite frightened, but when i pounded on the wall and kicked my baseboard, that DID it. she went into her storm-shelter under the loveseat, tail all puffed out, hair on her back standing straight up. O GREAT! it's up to ME now!! call my hubby?? o sure, what's he gonna do?! he's not home; he's working and is MILES away! for sure, it is up to me to handle this. get a broom? a bag? a can? OMG-osh! WHAT'S THAT SOUND NOW???!! now i'm REALLY shaking like a leaf! i run out the door again and knock on the neighbor's front door....nothing! back in, noise is more of a clicking/bang now. wha-doo-I-DO??? i bang on the wall again, kick the baseboard a few more times--the only productive thing i can come up with! and lo and behold, out of the corner of my eye, i see my neighbor walk outside to bring in his mail...and the noise was silenced. good grief, c'mere, cat; we're safe! it's O-kay now. just the neighbor doing a little home remodeling i guess. as soon as i stop shaking, and the cat's tail is back to normal, i resume my singing. (i guess mr neighbor never answered his door cause he was busy chiseling through the wall and never heard my knocking. o for cryin' out loud!


veronica said...

hi! enjoyed your post today.

i think that your neighbor should have at least had the decency to let you know he was remodeling.

glad it wasn't a squirrel. :)

babluebird said...

thank you, V. sometimes i wonder if my neighbor IS a squirrel. :D
(hope your li'l munchkins are all better now. sounds like you've succeeded in teaching them how to share.)